Why Playing a Sport Should Be Your New Workout?

Why Playing a Sport Should Be Your New Workout

All of us agree to the point that exercises are mandatory for quality living. All living beings on this earth need to workout and perform some exercise so as to live a mentally and physically healthy life. Even children are encouraged to perform exercises for an hour every day or go out to play to safeguard themselves from childhood obesity. 

Similarly, the general exercise protocol for teens, adults and older adults is to indulge in a minimum of 30 minutes of activity on a daily basis or at least three days a week. Now that we have no choice but to shake and rock our muscles frequently to keep metabolic diseases and obesity at bay, the new confusion here is to choose either sports or exercise as your new workout.

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Exercises, yoga, aerobics, swimming, sports activities are all known to render a positive impact on the overall health of people. But there is a clear advantage of choosing sports as your new workout over others, and we will show you why here.

Advantages of sports over other physical activities

Finding a sport you love before you turn too old for it is a great virtue. If you start playing a game is your 20s and 30s and find a genuine interest in it, then it is more likely that you will play that sport for the rest of your life. Playing good sports bags with it a number of advantages than merely exercising the muscles. It balances your mental and physical health, improves your ideologies, expands your social circle and helps you to relax from within. 

Also, when you play a sport, you put every single part of your body into work, including the brain and the mind. You concentrate, devise strategies, empathize, and socialize when you play a game. They are also excellent venues for self-identification and gratification. Introspecting and appreciating oneself is an excellent human quality, that is realized by achieving something in a game, even if it is a small goal or a score. We cannot expect such things in exercises unless you develop a six packs abdomen or strong arm muscles. 

Playing sports escalates your leadership qualities, no matter if you are playing on the streets or in a tournament. You feel elated and confident when people appreciate you for your best moves in snatching a point for your team. What sort of achievement do you get by walking or jogging for 40 minutes a day? Is anyone going to applaud you for your calories burnt or the sweat shed? I agree that exercising and sports render good effects on your muscles, but playing a sport alone will tone your mind. You can’t deny this fact and this is why we tell you playing a sport should be your new workout.

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Benefits of playing a sport

  1. You sleep well then your peers:

You get to feel happy and relaxed by playing your favorite game with your pals. This stimulates your brain to secrete happy chemicals. You feel less stressed and thus get a peaceful sleep at night. If you are indulging in outdoor games, the benefits are doubled as you gift yourself with fresh doses of oxygen every time.

  1. You streamline your oxygen pipes:

Have you ever felt panting while playing vigorously? It’s actually the sound of your heart trying to compensate with the additional workload. In one way, you train your heart muscles to work efficiently and pump enough blood through its blood vessel pipes to other vital organs in the body. 

  1. Improves inner ventilation:

Both your respiration and circulation improves tremendously as you practice the sport. As you play more the oxygen demand in your body increases. More oxygen gets supplied to the lungs and other organs and more carbon dioxide get eliminated from the system. You cleanse the system every time you play a sport.

  1. Helps children with healthy milestones:

By encouraging children to adapt to a sport they like, you help them to develop stronger muscles and bones. It helps them in gaining a strong bone mass, laying a strong foundation for future life. It also improves their socializing skills and throws insight into their own personality as well. 

  1. Improves confidence and reduces stress:

Sport activity enhances your inbuilt abilities, as it puts your skills into test each time. Along with pondering you with small and incremental achievements every time, it secretly improves your inbuilt confidence and prepares you for greater challenges in life easily. Physical activities also decrease the levels of stress hormones in the body and help in the secretion of endorphins. These are the happy hormones that help you with more focus and inner energy to tackle all hurdles. 

  1. Builds relationships and create more human connections:

While playing a sport, you develop friends and opponents. It teaches you how to socialize and deal with people, who are from diverse backgrounds, communities, and beliefs. Ever heard the term sportiveness, it was derived from the sports community who took both their victory and failures equal. This can be of exceptional use for children, in their developing years to look at both success and failure equally. It also teaches them to come out of their  failures and devise strategies to succeed in life. 

  1. Improves mental health:

It has been proved by a number of health agencies that playing sports helps in sound mental health. It behaves as a mood enhances and promotes a sense of confidence and well being. Regular sports practice helps in decreasing anxiety, and fights against depression and negative feelings. Also, people are able to associate better with others that help them in their personal and official lives.

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We hope you have acquired a thorough insight on why playing a sport should be your workout module. We are not against your gym sessions, running and jogging sessions and even your yoga. But playing a sport will help you develop and improve comprehensively from within, something you cannot achieve with mere exercising.


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